Build a Community

A business to business networking tool, specific to the Photo and Video industry.  Search First and Second Shooter opportunities within a trusted network of pre-approved professionals.

No Stress Coverage

We'll give you access to the best tools.  When working a shift through Shootzu, the shooter will be covered by our Public Liability insurance and you'll even be covered for accidental damages to your equipment whilst on a shoot.


Global Networking Events, Blogs, Podcasts... We'll throw a heap of resources into the mix, so you can continue to grow and develop your Photo / Video Business.

Build Trust

Our aim is the cut out the black market driving down industry prices (and standards).  Set pricing for jobs, no bidding wars... and a two-way rating system will allow shooters and businesses to build a trusted reputation.

Local Notifications

Designed for ease of use, the Shootzu System will allow you to find jobs closest to your desired location.  No more trawling through jobs on the other side of the country.  Shootzu will send you a notification when a job becomes available in your local area!  How easy is that?

Speedy Hiring

Our in-built contracting system between the business and shooters will speed up the process to hire the industry's best.  We take care of the legal contracts... while you get on with business.

Intelligent System

Shootzu is not a directory... we are a one stop toolkit to assist you grow your business and network with peers within the industry.

On Going Development

As Shootzu grows, so will the toolkit!  Shooter arrival notifications, intelligent scheduling, reviews & ratings, e-shooter for emergency situations... the roadmap is exciting!

Be notified of launch!

The Zu is opening soon!