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Years in the industry

Shootzu was conceived to solve our own problem – the ability to find quality crew for photography and videography.

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Shootzu was launched to Australian users in November 2018.  

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Shootzu is an exciting start up in the photography and videography space (created in Melbourne, Australia), to assist in building trusted crew (second shooters, solo shooters, editors, assistants and more). It is an app designed for photographers and videographers to network and assist each other on projects.

Businesses can post a job including their rates. Local, vetted photographers and videographers can then apply for the job. Job listings will be easy to navigate and manage.

This is industry specific and only professional businesses with a valid company number will be accepted. Every member who asks to join will go through a quality verification process. Only those who meet the quality hurdles will be accepted onto the platform.

The contracts will be managed by the app, and core tools will be integrated into the process so that the photographers can focus on their core business.

The app will not allow users to devalue the profession (e.g. by not being able to provide a budget below award wage) and also will not allow users to advertise jobs for ‘free’ or ‘for exposure’.

Shootzu will also offer content and events to ensure users are getting relevant support in growing their business and business community, including but not limited to:

  • Networking evenings (and training)
  • Mentor program for junior shooters

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Zu Crew!


Who’s who at the Zu

James Anderson

James Anderson

Co-Founder | Coffee Boy

James has run a successful video production company since 2009 (Turbo Productions Pty Ltd), in both the wedding industry and corporate video shoots.

He is a licensed drone operator and has grown his business to service growing customer needs, which includes the hiring of other photo and video contractors to support him grow his business.

His entrepreneurial success has pointed to a gap in the market which he seeks to address with the creation of Shootzu (matching quality crew to support small video and photo businesses to grow). Customer experience is at the heart of everything he designs.

At Shootzu, he is responsible for all elements, with a focus on App Design, and Marketing and Sales Design.

Laura Raffa

Laura Raffa

Co-Founder | Zu Keeper

Laura has taken her years of working on customer experience and complex projects and products in the corporate sector and poured them into addressing the photography and videography industry’s key issues: how to scale and flex based on fluctuating demands.

She’s focused on the boring but important bits: getting the Crew Agreements ready; getting insurances to protect second shooters; putting together the quality advisory team and QA process in vetting subscribers. She loves it, because she can see the customer benefits in everything she does!

She has a keen focus on researching the key issues and providing customers with knowledge to grow and scale their businesses.

As a Mum of two young children who never sleep, she also fuels herself with litres of coffee and tons of chocolate! .