Development Update

2018 in Review

2018 has been quite the year for Shootzu. It started years earlier, but we finally had the gumption to do something about it.

Too many times did we hear horror stories of businesses trying to scale but finding crew who had mis-sold their skills. Others still said finding crew with the appropriate insurances was difficult, nigh impossible as small businesses cut corners and costs.

Too many videographers and photographers were finding their previously profitable small business being undercut by new entrants, and no longer just amateurs with great kit and bargain basement prices but by companies working to race the industry to the bottom.

As an industry, we got angry. And we directed our passion towards infighting.

At a gaining pace, disruptors are entering the market and taking away the power of photographers and videographers.

This long standing industry, known for creativity, known as magicians and artists (Dezine by Mauro Podcast) … being driven down in price; being questioned at every turn… being given carrots in ice for their vendor meal at weddings (Luxe Film House podcast) or worse still …. no food at all!

Yes buying a camera is more affordable but as an industry, we need to build our bench strength and support each other in building our businesses so we can disrupt the disruptors.

As videography small business owners ourselves, as the founders of Shootzu, we had a vision to change that and within a year, we put it into action. We found developers, we put together a robust platform with quality checks and processes in place, and we created the Zu: a platform for quality photographers and videographers to find each other for crew jobs: assisting, second shooting, solo shooting and editing jobs.

In August we launched our podcast. With 3000 downloads, and 20 interview guests, all with a tale to tell. We loved hearing their words of wisdom and whilst the lessons were plentiful, the biggest outtakes for TOGs and VOGS were:

❇️ Go with your gut. Not all clients are good clients. Walk away if you are micro managed.

❇️ Charge your worth and don’t deviate. Working for exposure rarely leads to food on the table.

❇️ Don’t compare yourself to competitors. Don’t focus all of your attention or anger at Disruptors. Find your niche. And pursue it.

❇️ Be good! Build up your quality. Your quality is your brand.

❇️ Don’t count social media likes or follows as success. The algorithm changes so often that you could be focusing your efforts incorrectly.

❇️ Find your tribe. If you have a supportive family or friends … bonus. If you don’t, search out your tribe, as you’ll need them in the rollercoaster of small business.

❇️ This industry is becoming harder, but it’s still rewarding. We just have to look at doing business differently and banding together.

❇️ Marketing. You rent space on social media but you own your website and your mailing lists. Drive your customers to your website.

❇️ Outsource. You need to play to your strengths but also make sure you have time in the day to do so.

In November we launched Shootzu the platform, connecting videographers and photographers with quality crew:

✅Find Photo / Video Jobs⠀⠀
✅Post Photo / Video Jobs⠀⠀
✅Crew Agreements⠀⠀
✅Public Liability Insurance⠀⠀
✅Indemnity Insurance⠀⠀
✅On-Time job payments⠀⠀
✅No Commissions!

We also launched our Tuneup Event in Melbourne (and can’t wait to bring it to other states): access to business coaches and industry experts to give you a tuneup on your business skills.


How is Shootzu different? 

– We are built by the industry for the industry
– It’s aim is to connect the industry. The platform has been designed to allow you to apply for jobs set by your peers at one click – no more trawling social media groups for second shooters.
– We are not contributing to the race to the bottom. We don’t set the prices. Your industry peers do. But we do have checks in place to make sure you never stumble across a post for “free” or “for exposure”. No one got time for that!
– Don’t take our word for it … try it yourself – we have three pricing tiers to suit your needs


What does 2019 have in store for Shootzu members:

– as we build up our membership base, we look to extend throughout Australia

– We will be launching in NZ and US later in the year

– we are working to expand our business toolkit. Tips, tricks and templates to help you focus on making 2019 the best business year yet

– Our event calendar is shaping up and will be small group based coaching to truly give you affordable access to business experts to tune up your business

– We will be releasing series 2 of our podcast. This season will be focused on business coaching on business issues that you have told us perplex you


Thank you for making 2018 so much fun. We are on a rollercoaster but feel passionate about helping the industry that we call our own. An industry that supports families, small businesses and awesome people throughout the world!