Find Lead + Second Shooters to scale up
your professional photo and video business…
or find extra work to fill those quieter
dates in your calendar! 

Build a Community

A business to business networking Platform, specific to the Photo and Video industry. Search Crew including Second Shooter opportunities within a trusted network of pre-approved professionals.


Dispute Resolution / Crew Contracts

Every job hired through the Shootzu Platform will be fully protected by our in built crew contacts.  We have a dispute resolution in place to assist both parties reach a satisfactory outcome if things go wrong.

Speedy Hiring / Emergency Crew

You wake up feeling sick, or your second shooter calls to say they have had a family emergency and cant make it… it’s your worst nightmare, but hey… s***t happens.

Shootzu is designed to assist those last minute situations by sending immediate notifications to crew in the area who may be able to assist at the last second.


Immediate Job Notifications

Shootzu will send local job notifications to crew in the area when a job becomes available!  Need crew fast?  Post a job and it will be pinged out immediately to crew in the area.  How easy is that? 


Shootzu is designed to help your photo and business business grow!   

Be connected to work in your quiet time, and scale up when you need more hands on deck!   

One registration gives you full access to Find Crew and Be Crew in the Photography and Video Production industry. 

I am a freelancer wanting work

If you’re a freelance / contractor crew member, and you’re wanting to find more work in your area – click here to discover the Shootzu BE CREW process for you.

I need to hire crew

Let’s face it – finding great crew is hard!  That’s where Shootzu comes in!  Our quality checked members will be able to help you in a jiffy!  Click here to discover the Shootzu FIND CREW process for your business.


We’ve got your back! Hire crew with confidence.