Step 1: Search for a Job

Use your Shootzu account to find jobs in different areas.  Based on your profile location and settings within your account, you can also receive push notifications the moment a new job becomes available in your area.

Step 2: Apply for a job

A one-click application will allow you to quickly apply for any job that interests you.  The hiring business will be able to look through your Shootzu profile and send a question directly via the app, should they need any additional information from you regarding your skills.

Step 3 : Accept a job offer

If the hiring business has sent you an official job offer, you must accept this within 48 hours of the notification being sent to you.  This is an exclusive offer for you – and the job will be closed to other applicants.  If you do not confirm this job within 48 hours, the offer will expire job will become available to others.  

Step 4 : Complete the job

Once the job has been completed, you must deliver the content to the hiring business within 7 days following the job.  

Step 5 : Receive Payment / Review your experience

Once a job is closed and has been marked as completed by the hiring business, it’s a requirement that you leave a star rating and a written review.  This is essential in building trust and reputation within the Shootzu platform.

If you were employed under a Shootzu Protected Job Offer – the crew payout will be initiated once the business marks the job as complete.  If the hiring business does not complete the job within 7 days – Shootzu will automatically complete the job on the system so that your crew payment is not delayed. 

Shootzu will contact you during the payout phase to verify where you would like your payment to be deposited. 


If you receive an official job offer, you will protected. This means the job is covered by Shootzu Protect, including;

On-Time Payments

Crew Contract

Simple Invoicing

Push Notifications

Great Online Support