Step 1: Post a Job

Prepare your detailed job brief and post the job.  Users in the area of your job will be notified that there’s a new position available, and will be invited to apply if they meet the criteria. 

Step 2: Browse applicant and communicate

Look over the users who have expressed interest in the job you have posted.  You can view their Shootzu profile as well as any additional content links they have provided.  You will have the opportunity to communicate and ask questions to the applicant directly within the app before making any official offer to hire.

Step 3 : Hire / Fund / Activate Insurance

Once you have found your ideal applicant – send them an official job offer.  At this time, you will pay 50% of the job amount – with the remaining 50% to be taken 14 days prior to the job date. This money will be held by Shootzu until the job has been completed. Shootzu does not take any commissions, however – there will be a small administration fee dependent on your chosen payment method.

Your applicant must respond to your official offer within 48 hours.  Once accepted by the crew member, insurance will be activated.  

Step 4 : Complete the Job / Release Payment

Following the job and delivery of all files, login to your Shootzu profile and mark the job as completed.  This will trigger release of the crew payment (no commissions).  If you do not mark the job completed within 7 days following a job date, Shootzu will automatically mark as completed as to not delay payment to the crew member. 

Step 5 : Review your Crew

When completing the job, you will be prompted to leave a Star Rating and write a review for your crew member.   In order to build a trusted community of professional shooters – this review is required. 

All jobs booked through the Shootzu platform will be covered by the following;

Public Liability

Indemnity Insurance

On-Time Payments

Push Notifications

Great Online Support