Shootzu Membership

Give it a try!  There’s absolutely no cost to join the Shootzu Platform, and on the free tier – you have access to apply for up to three jobs, and post one.   From there – we have a Monthly or Annual Subscription option for unlimited continued access. 


I have used up my free account... now what?

If you have used the provisions within your free account, you will be prompted to join a Shootzu Membership.  You can choose Monthly at $17.50 per month, or save $78 by going Annual.  A membership gives you full unlimited access to Apply and Post jobs.

Do you charge commissions?

Nope!  When you send a job offer via the platform, you have the option to choose a Protected or Unprotected offer.   A protected offer attracts a 5% fee which will cover you with insurances, crew contract and secure payments.  An Unprotected offer costs nothing, but you’re on your own to manage the risk.  Read more about Protected vs Unprotected here

I am just starting out in the industry... can I join?

As long as you’re a registered business and have a quality portfolio of images to showcase – Shootzu will be a perfect platform for you to grow your business.

I have some questions

Let’s chat!   You can email us anytime at support@shootzu.com or tap the blue chat icon at the bottom right of the screen

At Shootzu, we are making the way you do business easier.  Shootzu is a platform for Professional Photographers and Videographers to network with each other through Second Shooter Jobs, Lead Shooter Jobs, Emergency last minute crew etc.  We assist your business with the ability to scale with quality checked crew and insurances.

Now available in USA, Australia and New Zealand!