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Celebrating the Small Stuff

Sometimes running your own business is overwhelming. Everyone… Everything…. Every task is relying on you.

There are never enough hours in the day. The expectations on ourselves are enormous and sometimes we become sluggish in motivation when we have that sort of pressure on ourselves.

Your tribe is important at these times. To gently prod you into taking a breath and celebrating the small stuff. How to find your tribe is a discussion for another day, but don’t underestimate how important it is to have the right people around you.

1. Each week reflect on the wins of the week. In our industry, the week usually ends on a Sunday (if at all). So since weekends are few and far between, recreate the weekend midweek (even an hour or two)…Make Tuesday Thanks a ritual in your business.

2. Put up a visual board of client testimonials, write out the positive reviews from social media.

3. If you’re starting out, write a diary (but on Tuesdays, focus on summarising the positives…) No matter how small. It’s about being introspective and thankful even if you didn’t move “the big rocks” you may have posted everyday on social media,  you may have taken time to capture images for your own brand, you may have made exercise a priority.  If you said No to a client because they weren’t the right fit for your company; celebrate it!

4. Actually turn off your computer. Put down your phone. And reach out to a friend, partner or trusted tribe member and celebrate in person (over a meal, a wine, a coffee or even side by side out for a walk… or for us with kids, even virtual celebrations and video chat – with wine in hand – can achieve this). Personal connection (even for the most introverted of us) propels us forward. Just choose your celebration partner wisely, because it’s about building up your achievements and giving you the focus and renewed motivation for the week ahead.

5. Be kind to yourself. Even if the week hasn’t gone to plan, there will be little nuggets in the rubble that you need to grab onto. Don’t let the negative self talk silence your celebrations. There’s another time to focus on what could’ve been done better. For now, it’s to take a moment to focus on the positives, and physically writing it out and putting it up on a wall will give you the headspace to take that much needed breath.


And when thinking positively really is a struggle: Remember that you are calling the shots. Remember why you started your business in the first place. If it’s not working for you, you can pivot, you can change focus, you can meet all of your customer obligations but then say no to new customers for awhile so that you can regroup and recharge. You can even make the decision to move on if the business is no longer working for you. It’s not failure. It’s continuous learning and it’s focusing on the business’s key asset – YOU!

To summarise:
– Let’s make Tuesday thanks a ritual in our businesses
– Let’s celebrate the small nuggets that propel us forward and motivate us
– Let’s not be silent in our celebrations. We need to share our achievements as we focus on a new week!