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Using the Shootzu Platform, you can find Photography and Video Production jobs quickly and easily in your local area.  Intelligent push notificactions will send you immediate job alerts with a one-click application process.

Find Lead & Second Shooters

Shootzu allows you to tap into a pre-approved network of quality professionals in the Photography and Video Production industry.  Post a job, review your applicants and hire all in the one ecosystem

Shootzu Mobile App

Find and apply for Photography and Video Production jobs at your fingertips.  Download Shootzu for both Android and Apple devices.

Jason Edwards Podcast

As a National Geographic Photographer, Jason Edwards shares stories from aboard and about his journey into having one of the largest collections of images for National Geographic.


Looking to grow your photography and video production business?  Need more crew to fill upcoming bookings?  Crew called in sick and you need an urgent replacement? Shootzu is here to help you!


With a mobile app developed for both Android and iOS devices, you can manage your jobs and applications at the click of a button.  Immediate push notifications will inform you of new jobs that get posted in your area.


FIND CREW and BE CREW.  It’s quite simple.  Let Shootzu take the admin out of your crew management.  Under the one roof, our platform will allow you to quickly post a job brief to your local area and have users apply with a one-click process.  We’ll even take care of the contracts and crew payments!


We’ve got your back!  Did you know that a Shootzu membership also includes Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance on every job booked through the platform?  How good is that?

What the Zu Crew are saying!

It’s a really good platform and I’m a big fan. The fact that we can get last minute jobs in the wedding industry is huge!


Michael Kelly Films

Just want to say a big thank you to the team at Shootzu. Knowing that a service like this is at your fingertips really gives businesses like mine peace of mind.

Nick Ghionis

XSiGHT Photography and Video

Just got my first second shooter / assistant job today with a lovely photographer.  Thanks Shootzu Crew.

Nicky Martin

Blueprint Images

Shootzu will connect me with my kind of tribe to help build my business.

Leezett Birch-Majstorovic

Leezett Photography Fiji

Build a Community

A business to business networking Platform, specific to the Photo and Video industry. Search Crew including Second Shooter opportunities within a trusted network of pre-approved professionals.


Global Networking Events, Blogs, Podcasts… We’ll throw a heap of resources into the mix, so you can continue to grow and develop your Photo / Video Business


No Stress Coverage

We’ll give you access to the best tools. While we are developing the Platform, we are working hard to deliver you many useful tools to take your business to the next level!

Speedy Hiring

Our in-built contracting system between the business and shooters will speed up the process to hire the industry’s best. We take care of the legal contracts… while you get on with business.


Local Notifications

Designed for ease of use, the Shootzu Platform will allow you to find jobs closest to your desired location. No more trawling through jobs on the other side of the country. Shootzu will send you a notification when a job becomes available in your local area! How easy is that?

It's cheaper than a coffee and a donut!

One small subscription fee gives you access all areas to the features Shootzu has to offer (and an exciting roadmap of development ahead!)  It actually costs more to buy a coffee and a donut each month… and we don’t charge any commissions!


A business Platform designed by industry professionals to service photography and videography businesses. Businesses can post a job including their rates and vetted photographers and videographers can apply for the job. This is industry specific and only quality photographers and videographers (after a verification process) will be accepted onto the platform.

The contracts will be managed by the app, and we are working on lots of other tools, so that the photographers can focus on their core business.


Debi Brett Photography

An English girl married to a Scottish boy, happily living the life of dreams in Bayside Brisbane with their two young children. Before finding roots in Australia and jumping behind the lens, Debi was an interior designer in the UK.


When things go wrong on a shoot

When we are entrusted to capture a photo shoot or video footage, especially when it’s event based, we often get one chance. But when our key tool is technology, malfunctioning camera bodies, lenses or memory cards can katapult us into crisis.

Going through a relationship breakdown

Going through a relationship breakdown: owning a business while sh*t is falling around you. Mental illness is something that needs to be de-stigmatised. It’s a real issue in our industry and whilst a lot of people downplay its impacts, at Shootzu, we don’t intend to.