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Updated May 2021


Important Information:

What happens if my Shootzu job is impacted by COVID-19 disruptions?

In these days of un-certainty and snap lockdowns and restrictions by government officials – both CREW and BUSINESSES agree that there is potential for postponements and cancellations on jobs due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control relating to COVID-19.

Should your job via Shootzu be impacted by COVID related lockdowns or restrictions, the following actions can be taken:

1. Postpone the date:  Simply let Shootzu Support & your Crew know via email that the job is impacted and will be postponed to a future date.   We can move this in the booking calendar which will reflect in both the CREW and BUSINESS accounts.  In the case that your crew member is not available on the rescheduled date, you can choose another applicant on the job or request option 2, cancellation;

2.  Cancellation:  Should a job be completely cancelled due to a COVID related disruption, email Shootzu Support & your Crew to explain the situation.   A refund of the Crew Payment (minus admin / transaction fees) will be processed to the hiring business.

Always ensure that you communicate with your hired crew at all times, and you can keep us in the loop by CC’ing us regarding the potential disruption.

Terms + Conditions

Shootzu Service Fee and Payment Gateway Processing Fees:

As Members on the Platform (a Business User hiring Crew on the Platform,  or a Crew Member accepting a Job), you opt into Shootzu Protect when a Job is Posted and Hired on the Platform. Under Shootzu Protect, you agree that Crew Payments through the Shootzu Platform are through the third party service payment gateways integrated into the Platform: Stripe and Transferwise.

For Hiring Businesses, the Shootzu Service Fee is 5% of the value of the Crew Payment, and includes the Payment Gateway Processing Fees, and any applicable taxes. For Business Users, this Service Fee will be added to your total payable amount when processing a Crew Payment (Crew Payment plus Shootzu Business User Service Fee).

For Crew, the Shootzu Service Fee is 2% of the value of the Crew Payment, and includes any applicable taxes.   For Crew, the Shootzu Crew Service Fee is already incorporated into the Job Brief advertised rate: the hourly rate advertised will be the amount budgeted by the Business User minus the Shootzu Crew Service Fee.

The Shootzu Service Fee facilitates the following Features:

  • on-time, secure payments through established third party payment gateway(s)
  • assisted communication between Members
  • Push Notifications and emails
  • facilitating invoicing, payment release, and additional Member checks after each Job
  • Crew Agreement, and
  • Crew Payments in the event of cancellation through no fault of the Crew

If applying for a job in a country different to your stated home country, you warrant:

  • You have the relevant working visas and permissions required to work in this country.
  • You have a local bank account in this country. Crew payments will only be processed to local bank accounts in the same currency as the job.

Terms + Conditions